Our Lady of the Assumption

"For Catholics learning is not simply informational but formational. Catholic education invites young people to view the world and all its wonders through a vision of faith: to learn why God made the world, us and for what purpose each one has been put on this earth."  Bishop Mark O'Connell, Archdiocese of Boston North Region

OLA School provides each student with rigorous preparation for success in school and life. We foster a passion for learning through our commitment to academic excellence, personal values and integrity, as well as, service to others by embracing tradition and technology to connect to the past and respond to the future.

Our “LIFE’ values set the tone for our everyday interactions and are recited together each day:

Lead others by our example.
Inspire others by our activity.
Faithfully follow the path of our Lord Jesus.
Each of us will work together to benefit all of us.