Easter Mass Schedule: Saturday Vigil 7pm at OLA; 7am, 9am and 11am at OLA; 8am and 11am at SMG

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March 8, 2015, Third Sunday of Lent

News and Notes:  In this endless winter of historic snowfall and bitter cold, there are some people we need to thank.  Sean Dunn and his crew from Just Get It Dunn have done a yeoman’s job of clearing the snow from our parking lots, steps and walkways.  JJ Kenney and Dan Whelan, our Facilities Management Team, have dealt promptly and effectively with various leaks and ice dams in our two parishes and school.  Paul DiBiase and our Collaborative Facilities Committee have given us wise counsel and arranged for the removal of snow and ice off the flat roofs of OLA Church and School.  This weekend Cardinal Sean is asking Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Boston to make a generous pledge to the 2015 Catholic Appeal, which helps to sustain more than 50 Central Ministries of the Church in Eastern Massachusetts.  Some of these ministries provide direct service to parishes and individuals, such as the Permanent Diaconate, Healthcare Ministry, Pro-Life Ministry and the Deaf Apostolate to name a few.  Others provide supportive services to parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations, offices such as Parish Financial Services, Human Resources and Information Technology.  Please prayerfully consider making a monetary commitment as soon as possible to this year’s Catholic Appeal.  The OLA goal in 2015 is $55,512; the SMG goal is $28,078.  Looking ahead to the Easter Triduum from April 2-5, here is the worship schedule:

April 2: Holy Thursday of the Lord’s Supper:  7PM at SMG
April 3: Stations of the Cross: 3PM at OLA and Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord: 7PM at SMG
April 4: The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night: 7PM at OLA

April 5: Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord: 

  • 7AM at OLA
  • 8AM at SMG
  • 9AM at OLA
  • 10AM at SMG
  • 11AM at OLA

Blessings to all of you in the Lenten days ahead!



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