Due to yet another snowstorm, the "Light is on for You" confessions at OLA have been cancelled for Wednesday, March 21.

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August 3, 2014, Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

News and Notes:  As I announced in previous columns, our Faith Formation Team for the upcoming Religious Education year has taken shape and is now complete.  In my view, it is an extraordinarily talented team that will help to form our children in the Catholic faith.  Here is the lineup:


OLA                                                                   SMG

Grades 1 and 2:  Cindy Donovan                 Grades 1 and 2:  Jacqui Driscoll

Grades 3 through 6:  Joe Jorge                    Grades 3 through 6:  Nate Marsella

Grades 7 and 8:  Steve Gannon                   Grades 7 and 8:  Steve Gannon

Grades 9 and 10: Andrea Gagnon               Grades 9 and 10: Mike McDuffee


Donna Delahanty, our Collaborative Director of Parish Ministries, will oversee this Faith Formation Team, and Collin McBride, our Collaborative Coordinator of Youth Ministries, will be the overall Administrator of the Confirmation program in both parishes.  If you have not registered your child for class this Fall, why wait any longer?  I also wish to announce the appointment of Melina Prestia to the position of OLA School Financial Assistant.  Melina brings a solid background in finances to her new part-time role of assisting Caterina Benitez, our Collaborative Finance and Operations Manager, in the important work of serving parents in processing their tuition payments, and in dealing with contracts and other matters involving school employees.  A hearty welcome to Melina and blessings to all of you in the week ahead!



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