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Show and Tell

Show and tell is a typical practice in many schools. The practice builds on the natural impulse to share what one finds precious or interesting. It also provides opportunities to develop the communication skills of active listening as well as describing objects or experiences and providing information about why the speaker chose to share it. Here are a few ideas for how show and tell might look in your home as a school of faith:


• Talk with your spouse about how, or if, your parents lived the faith while you were growing up. What did you see in your home that taught Christian life lessons? What did your spouse’s parents do?


• Ask grandma and grandpa what they observed about faith growing up. What lessons did they learn?


• Ask your kids what faith lessons they observed in your home in this past week, month, or year.

• Institute a once a week post-Mass show and tell where each family member shares one thing he or she found meaningful in sharing in the Eucharist. What did you notice in the church? Who did you pray for during the liturgy?


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