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Meeting Minutes, September 22, 2014

Lynnfield Catholic Collaborative Pastoral Council

Minutes of the September 22, 2014 meeting held at St. Maria Goretti

Members Present:  Father Paul Ritt, Father Tony Luongo, Rick Lesser (Seminarian) Leonard Morrison, Christopner Barrett, Michelle Cullinane, Dennis Roger, Deacon Tom O’Shea

Agenda Items:

1.     Gathering and Welcome (Christopher Barrett)

2.     Opening Prayer (Fr. Paul)

3.     Offertory Campaign and Finance Update (Fr. Paul)

After an interview process the Finance Council has recommended that Cornerstone act as the managers of the Offertory Campaign.  They have the advantages of: being known and successful within the RCAB; having come with insightful questions about both OLA and SMG; and their willingness to customize the campaign based on our particular Collaborative.  The Campaign will cover three successive weekends beginning October 19, 2014.  Materials and speakers have been identified.

4.     Pastoral Plan Writing Team Update (Donna Hegan)

The process of writing the Charter is underway.   The team is engaged and making good progress with the guidance of The Catholic Leadership Institute.  The Charter produced must align with the vision of Church Universal, RCAB, Lynn and Lynnfield Collaboratives, and the individual parishes of OLA and SMG.

5.     Our Lady of Assumption School Report (Leonard Morrison)

An effort is underway to boost enrollment.  A parent survey is being generated as an aid in creating targeted marketing of the school.  A video clip promoting the school was viewed and affirmed.  Efforts are underway to improve and promote the pre-K and Kindergarten programs at the St. Francis Center.  This center is an important feeder for the grade school.

6.     Music Ministry Update (Fr. Paul)

It was agreed that having cantors from the community was important, and that more effort is needed in this area.  There were several opportunities for growth mentioned, including contacting the music departments at the local schools which place students in musical venues as part of their curriculum.  The expanded adult Collaborative Choir began at OLA this weekend and they will alternate future weekends between OLA and SMG.  The children’s choir is being formed now.  Having the support and initiative of the music minister was seen as essential for success.   The sound system at SMG needs to be adjusted.   It was felt that this could be addressed successfully in-house.


7.     Facilities Manager Search (Fr. Paul)

The prior search yielded twenty resumes which were reduced to three final candidates, none of whom were still available at the time the position was offered.  Fr. Paul reported with pleasure that recently Jay Kenny was hired as facilities manager and Dan Whalen was hired as custodian.   They are currently job-sharing one full time equivalent position, which may be expanded.  

8.     Open Discussion

·      Beverly Merritt has resigned from the Pastoral Council.  Fr. Paul expressed his thanks for her service.

·      Patty Glennon Colby has accepted a position on the council.

·      In an effort to engage more members of SMG in leadership and planning several models were discussed.  A separate SMG Leadership Team was suggested as a means of engaging parishioners, but it was felt that its creation would potentially create an unnecessary compartmentalization when our charge and goal is to foster collaboration. 

·      It was suggested that instead we renew our commitment to personally invite SMG parishioners to join in the current model. A core group of parishioners needs to be identified and asked.

·      There is recognized a need to offer monthly hospitality (possibly by asking the parents of a certain grade once a month, or by offering it as a possibility for service hours for the Confirmation students, or as a function of parish staff) and adult enrichment (seminarian intern can help) at SMG.    A core group of hospitality ministers was suggested (Donna Hegan, Michelle Cullinane)

·      The concept of another “Town Hall” style meeting (specifically at SMG) was raised.   It was validated as a positive concept, but it was also noted that a prior attempt was less than successful.  The need and means should be re-visited again as this back and forth exchange of ideas and concerns is considered to be of great importance.

·      Possible hospitality/social ideas (specifically at SMG) included:  Santa party in early December, Easter Egg hunts, monthly hospitality after Mass, and adult/parent discussion groups over coffee with the seminarian intern.

·      Mass times at SMG may be revisited based on attendance and preference and the maximum benefit to both OLA and SMG, given the clerical resources available.

·      The Live + Jesus group reported on successful recent and future activities at a local hotel that houses homeless.

9.     Closing Prayer/Adjourn



Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the monthly meeting of the Lynnfield Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council

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