Due to yet another snowstorm, the "Light is on for You" confessions at OLA have been cancelled for Wednesday, March 21.

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Meeting Minutes, March 13, 2014

Parish Pastoral Council

March 19, 2014

On attendance - Chris B, Fr Ritt, Donna D, Lisa W, Diane J, Len M, Mark F, Beverly M, Donna H, Dennis R, Caterina, Fr Tony, Jim F, Lillian R

1. Evangelization

* Caterina presented a comprehensive Welcoming Packet and will investigate how to find out about new home sales in the area.

*This prompted a discussion on how do we meet people were they are in their faith and how is Reconciliation approached. Do a General Absolution w/in the context of the mass to set the tone for introspection?  Donna H - knows that people want to go back to church and are looking for ways to get back into the church.  People are wondering how they can come back - Pope Francis has inspired others to look at the church/coming back; too much attention on contraception, abortion, gay marriage - need to focus on other things and welcome back people no matter where they are in their lives.  What message do we put out there - if it's the same as it was 20 yrs ago, they may not come back.  Officially General Absolution is not 'allowed' but we need to find invitations to draw people back in.

People are uninformed about the sacrament currently - need to educate about the misperceptions - what it is and what it isn't. Often people feel that b/c they have sins they can't come back to church.

Reconciliation service is possible - include a visual symbol (writing down sins) for the service.

Mark O'Connell is the judicial vicarate and speaks about the annulment process (often that is something that keeps people away from the church).

 Donna H and Chris B will work on a Reconciliation service.

 Women Word and Witness - will begin in April - will reflect on the gospel first Tuesday - OLA @ 6:30 PM and last Thursdy SMG @ 10:30 AM

 A discussion began about publicity - Chris suggested that we wait until the fall until the Collaborative plan is in place and Beverly volunteered to chair the Publicity effort

 2.*Facilities Manager Search - Fr Tony reported that the job description is still being refined to include both parishes – will be sent to local papers and the diocese - hope to have some candidates to interview in April, make a decision in May and once hired, shadow each person for a week and decide how that task will be handled.

*Pastoral Plan Update - met w/ Fr Paul Sopher and Sr Pat

need to develop a 3 yr plan - 6-12 goals to achieve the 3 priorities =

April 28 is the first meeting - staff will meet 12-4 and writing team will meet April 30 (no more than 12 participants/session) - facilitated by the Catholic Leadership Institute (first meeting in Lynn, then OLA) - will meet monthly

Will develop a scorecared to measure progress - a quarterly review will occur

Will also need people in the field to take the pulse, seek ideas, etc

Pastoral priorities, including Vocations, will be a part of the document.

 3. Mass Schedule -

Will keep the 11AM mass at OLA

5PM mass @ SMG - thinking about summer schedule and may eliminate for July and August

A recommendation will be presented at the next meeting

4.  Announcements

  • Fr Jerry Patringa will become the Episcopal Vicar for the North Shore and will live in the White House - will be doing the Confirmation masses @ SMG and OLA
  • Lillian Ross - she will replace Kevin Smith on the PPC
  • Fr Paul asked for prayers for the confirmation classes @ SMG and OLA
  • Discussion about the Rel Ed time on Sunday because of parking; also how can we involve Rel Ed parents while the kids are in class.
  • Catholic App - 51% OLA in first 2 weeks; 36% in first 2 weeks
  • Fr Tony shared the Clergy Assignments for the Diocese
  • May 6  - PPC meeting 7 PM



Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the monthly meeting of the Lynnfield Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council

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