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Meeting Minutes, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

In attendance - Fr Ritt, Donna H, Donna D, Chris B, Beverly M, Dennis R, Susan A, Diane J, Deacon Tom, Mark F, Lisa W, Mike T, Len M, Karen M

Report from the Pastor

Pastoral team had 3 days in Braintree of leadership training - learned how to work cohesively, creatively, working w/ the new Evangelization

The Lynnfield Collaborative showed v well at the meeting - had copycat tables and was noticed by Fr Paul Soper and Sr. Patricia.

Now entering Stage 5 of the training and it involves the PPC - has different layers

Feb 28 - March 1 – Evangelization Pastoral team training

PPC/Finance Council/Parish Leaders will consult and assist with writing the Pastoral Plan with the help of the Pastoral team - will include the resources both parishes have.  Guidelines will be provided by the diocese.  The plan will be submitted to Cardinal Sean in October 2014.  This is the biggest project facing the Collaborative - it will give us a game plan on how to proceed with the Collaborative.  Will include the mission of the Collaborative and plans for Evangelization and vocations.

As soon as times are confirmed, Fr Ritt will inform the PPC

 Holy Week and Ash Wednesday - Finalized schedule.  Holy Thursday will be preceded by Pasta Supper, hosted by Hospitality committee.  (See schedule for times). Lent

·      SMG will have Light is on for You (confessions 6:30-7:30) every Wednesday followed by Eucharistic Adoration from 9:00-10:00 PM. 

·      OLA - Eucharistic Adoration on Tuesday 9:30-noon following the Tuesday 9 AM mass; Light is on for You (confessions 6:30-7:30) every Wednesday;  Stations Friday nights; Tennabrae - Palm Sunday 7 PM

Search for Collaborative Property Manager to oversee and maintain the 11 parish buildings; Dan McIntyre will lead the committee with a goal of concluding the search by June 1.  The conclusion of this search is the final piece to complete the pastoral team. 

Catholic Schools Week was a terrific week; saw the largest Open House with 26 families attending.  At masses prior to the Open House, 8th graders did testimonials about their OLA experience. Approximately $8500 raised for the school in the Special Collection from both parishes with an additional $8000 raised from the Christmas concert. 

Fr. Ritt announced the retirement of Kevin Smith from the PPC and thanked him for his important and long standing work on behalf of OLA and the start of the Collaborative.

Report on the Men’s Group -  10 men attended the first meeting (tough to stick to the hour) - was refreshing and went very well.  Would like men from OLA to take part and will make an outreach at OLA masses in the future.  Hopes to add a dinner and some volunteer opportunities in the future.

Report on the Cardinal’s Appeal and Offertory - Everyone must meet their goal to help pay for the ministries of the Archdiocese.  The Appeal will happen Feb 23/March 2

SMG -FaceBook page is up and communication has improved; Town Hall meeting went well; suggestion was made to poll people who attended asking questions such as -  have things been handled well; how are they feeling now. 

It was agreed that minutes from the PPC meetings will be posted (and now appear on the Collaborative website).
Suggestions for OLA Town Meeting - a way to publicize the upcoming Pastoral Plan and use their input in the writing of the plan

Finance Update - Mike; had a presentation of the Building committee - needs everywhere - deferred maintenance, more at OLA but present at both.  Mike will chair a committee on Offertory Awareness program (OAP) (a pledge system).  Had a large % increase when they implemented at SMG but they have recently seen a decrease in the Offertory. 


  • Parish databases are poor.
  • How do we welcome new families and get them signed up.
  • Capital needs - need to be a part of the Pastoral Plan.  Need to understand how the Pastoral Plan will impact the budget.
  • Len reported on active enrollment opportunities at the school.
  • Chris thanked Kevin for his service to the Collaborative.
  • Next meeting scheduled March 19 7:30 PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:30



Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the monthly meeting of the Lynnfield Collaborative Parish Pastoral Council

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