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July 2018

Jul 18

Humanae Vitae’: 50 years later

By: Richard M. Doerflinger OSV Newsweekly As we make our way through life as Christians, some signposts are clearer than others. Out of love for God and neighbor we will not kill, steal or commit adultery. Other signposts are harder to see. But they can become clearer over time when the results of ignoring them are writ large. When the birth...
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Jul 16

Racism in literature

By: Robert P. Lockwood OSV Newsweekly Laura Ingalls Wilder is the New Invisible. She has been retro-excommunicated. Wilder authored a series of stories about growing up in the Dakota Territory in the 19th century. The “Little House on the Prairie” stories have entertained generations. The television show based on her stuff was hugely...
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Jul 13

Opening the Word: Elected and sent

By: Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly God elects Christians. I don’t mean that individual Christians are placed on some celestial ballot. Rather, every Christian is part of the elect, those who have been graciously chosen by God for salvation. But whom does God elect? And what does God want from those who are chosen? God’s voting...
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Jul 11

Does Church have jurisdiction over the moon?

By: Adelaide Mena OSV Newsweekly Nearly 50 years ago, Father Richard Walsh, a newly-ordained priest from Ireland, was settling into his first assignment at his first parish — Church of Our Saviour in Cocoa Beach, Florida, adjusting to the sun and sand and salt that were so different from the cool, green Irish farmland of his youth. Only a...
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Jul 9

Occasion to educate

By: Teresa Tomeo OSV Newsweekly After learning of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court, the words of Jesuit Father John Hardon came to mind: “Educate, educate, educate.” Father Hardon, named a Servant of God by the Church, was a noted theologian, writer and catechist. He spent his final years in my home...
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Jul 6

Opening the Word: Unwelcome prophet

By:  Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly It’s never easy to hear truth from those we know well. A husband or wife may experience bitterness of heart when their spouse tells them that they’re not carrying their weight around the home. They’re too quick to look at their smartphone at the dinner table. They’re setting a...
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Jul 4

Language matters in assisted-suicide battle

By: Mariann Hughes OSV Newsweekly Opponents of physician-assisted suicide want people in the pews to understand a very simple point: in regard to this issue, precise language is extremely important. It is especially crucial when dealing with the messaging put forth by the national nonprofit group that is pushing assisted-suicide bills onto state...
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Jul 2

Kennedy's court legacy

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion OSV Newsweekly When Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced his resignation from the U.S. Supreme Court, I remembered the delight that many Americans felt in 1987 when President Ronald Reagan proposed his name as a judge on the high court. Kennedy, of course, later was confirmed by the United States Senate 97-0. Three...
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